Are you a Senior Pastor or Executive Pastor ready to optimize your Leadership, Church Operations, and Organizational Development?



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Countless Pastors…

Are challenged to walk out their call and manifest their ministry vision without effective strategy and implementation options to maximize their efforts.

Could benefit from confidential and non-judgmental opportunities to baseline and/or overcome their business, leadership, and interpersonal challenges in private.

Desire the alignment of their church’s Monday-Saturday operations with the excellence of their Sunday experience.

Face loneliness, isolation, frustration, threats of burnout, and fatigue in their Ministry.

Want access to useful systems, processes, measurement and performance tools to create consistent and transformational outcomes in their ministry efforts.

Are looking to further their business operations and could significantly benefit from knowledge building and executive coaching to leverage their leadership and grow their ministry.

See the value of their staff working as a team but struggle to equip and promote high performance with varied levels of competence and capacity.

Leading & Executing

At The Next Level!

The Opportunity

Pastoral Mastermind is a confidential live virtual experience to help senior pastors and executive pastors manifest greater positive outcomes through one-on-one executive coaching and organizational development. Pastoral Mastermind is here to help you align your Monday – Saturday operations with the excellence of your Sunday church experience!

Our 5 Winning Elements

One-on-One Executive Coaching & Development

Strategic Planning & Execution

Church Operations & Infrastructure

Process Improvement & Ministry Impact

Growth & Organizational Effectiveness

“Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.”

Ephesians 4:12

Our Vision

Pastoral Mastermind will champion and effectively advocate pastor’s leadership and ministry effectiveness through proven, customized, and results-driven executive coaching and organizational development methods.

Our Mission

To provide an effective vehicle of knowledge, connection, advocacy, and tools that partner with pastors to: maximize their leadership, improve their operations, and optimize the achievement capacity of their ministry.

Our Values

We value each pastor’s call to preach and teach the gospel, lead people to Christ, nurture believers, and serve in their community.

We value each pastor’s desire to learn, lead, and succeed at navigating their lives, developing leaders, and growing God’s house in excellence.

We value each pastor’s intention to manifest God’s vision for their   family, congregation and overall ministry.

Our Goals

To use executive coaching and organizational development to create an affordable and safe development experience that:

Shows pastors how to utilize proven business tools for Godly gain in their leadership and church operations (e.g., key performance indicators, performance management, strategic planning and implementation, etc.;

Reduces leader isolation, business anxiety, and the utilization of ineffective systems and processes;

Promotes knowledge and illuminates how to make greater returns on investment with resources, events, programming, community connection, and the like.

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